We represented and offered legal advice to both romanian and foreign natural persons and companies in the following fields:

– agriculture, farming, processing and sale of farming products;
– land and real estate;
– gas distribution;
– transports;
– insurance;
– production and sale of heavy machinery;
– production and sale of metallic structures;
– design, photography, art;

– production and sale of automation devices;
– engineering design;
– sale of automation products;
– casinos;
– tourism, hotels and guest houses;
– medical services;
– civil and industrial construction;
– heavy equipment and car sale, repair garage;
– software development, website administration;

– goods distribution;
– public listed companies;
– investment funds;
– health and elderly care;
– forrestry and wood processing;
– mining and quarrying;
– production and sale of building material;
– public institutions;
– religious institutions.

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